KitchenCraft KCBAMBOO World of Flavours Bamboo Steamer Basket, 2 Tier, 20 cm, Beige


This robust bamboo steamer, from KitchenCraft World of Flavours, is all you need to explore this rewarding culinary landscape in your own kitchen. The only extras required are a wok, and a tantalising recipe to try out.

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  • ENJOY HEALTHY, AUTHENTIC FOOD: this 2 tier natural woven food steamer cooks food gently, helping to retain nutrients and flavour
  • EASY TO USE: simply layer food in the 2 tiers of the bamboo steamer basket, then place in a wok over simmering water
  • BEAUTIFUL BAMBOO: use this steamer for cooking and serving – the woven bamboo looks great and absorbs steam to stop food getting soggy
  • FOR ASIAN FEASTS: show off your best east Asian recipes, and fill this steam cooker with dim sum, salmon fillets, veg or sticky rice
  • USEFUL INFO: part of the World of Flavours collection, this bamboo basket measures 20 cm wide and comes with a 12 month guarantee

Bamboo Benefits

This steamer is great for cooking and serving, but not just because it looks great. The bamboo is naturally absorbent, so will sop up some of the steam and prevent your food going soggy. This means better presentation, and better flavour!

Healthy cooking

Using a bamboo steamer is a gentler process than boiling, simmering or poaching food, so it retains its shape, texture, colour and flavour. It’s healthier too, because no oil is required, and vital nutrients are locked in, rather than washed away.

Easy to use

The shape of the bamboo steamer is designed to fit snugly against the sides of a wok, though it works with stockpots too. Simply let the steamer rest above an inch or so of simmering water, to get delicious steamed results.

Two tiers

The two tiers allow you to cook for a number of people or a selection of different foods, from fillets of salmon to portions of rice, dumplings or vegetables.



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