Bamboo Bimbi Chinese Steamer Basket – Traditional 10 Inch Bamboo Steamer Basket for Cooking Healthy Food in 2 Tiers Simultaneously



Steam cooking is probably one of the oldest food preparation techniques. It’s hugely popular for various reasons. For one, it’s healthier since it doesn’t use oil. It also helps the food keep much of its nutritional value. Taste-wise, steamed foods retain their flavor, have a softer texture, and won’t dry out. Now, if you’re looking to serve such meals to your family and friends, then you’ll first need to get yourself a genuine steamer. But with all the options out there, which one do you choose?

This 2-Tier Bamboo Steamer by Bamboo Bimbi lets you prepare yummy dumplings and steamed food whenever you want!


About this item

  • Organic Nature: Bamboo steamer, as reflected by name of it, is made of pure 100% bamboo wood, which not only makes it simpler in design but also provides you a more efficient and more natural way of cooking your food.
  • Vitamin and Minerals Preservation: The fact that it is made of wood, benefits you in a way that it preserves the vitamins and the necessary minerals, providing you a nutrients-rich, healthy, and delicious food.
  • WATER DOESN’T GET CONDESNED onto the outer surface of the bamboo steamer as it is made up of organic material hence it acts as a water absorbent and absorbs the excessive steam.
  • NO NEED OF A DISH WASHER to wash the bamboo steamer as its wooden structure gives you liability to just wash it using water and soap. Also, make sure to let it get dry before using it again.
  • The middle layer, which is built in a Matrix like shape, allows the steam to pass through it effectively and distributes equally to all the parts of the steamer, hence your food gets a same heat and steam. Also, this steamer contains 2 stackable layers that allow you to steam two foods at a same time.


Our bamboo steamer lets you steam various types of food, including vegetables, meat, poultry, and fish. It’s also the perfect cookware for preparing Chinese or Japanese dishes like mouth-watering spring rolls and dumplings. This seemingly simple kitchenware is a truly versatile cooking utensil that allows you to serve a veritable buffet of delicious Asian-inspired cuisines to your loved ones!


Our 10-inch bamboo steamer comes with a 2-tier design which allows you to stack them on top of one another while cooking. This means that you can prepare 1 large batch of steamed food or cook or reheat 2 different types of dishes at once. Aside from that, our bamboo steamer also allows for effective heat distribution and better humidity control. Enjoy thoroughly and evenly cooked dumplings, meat cuts, and vegetables.


This bamboo steamer is handcrafted with care and expertise, immediately made obvious by the clean and thorough weaves. And because it’s made from natural bamboo, it’s as eco-conscious as any cookware can get. More importantly, we didn’t use any glue in the manufacturing of this steamer. You don’t have to worry about BPAs, harmful substances, or fumes mixing in and ruining your food.


To prevent pieces of food and their smell from sticking to the bamboo steamer, you’ll need to use some form of lining. Well, you don’t have to worry about buying those items separately because we’ve included them in this set.

Our bamboo steamer comes with 20 paper liners and 2 reusable silicone liners. They effectively protect the baskets from mess and smells, while still allowing the steam to pass through and cook the food.


Technical Details


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