JUNNIAO 5 Pairs Reusable GlassFiber Non-Slip Chopsticks


5 Pairs Reusable Fibreglass Non-Slip Chopsticks That Can Be Cleaned in The Dishwasher, Hand-Painted Japanese&Chinese Chopsticks in 5 Patterns Colours,

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Product name: Alloy hand-painted chopsticks. Alloy chopsticks are not metal chopsticks. They are made of polymer materials (PPS) + glass fiber. They have passed food-grade safety inspections. They are resistant to high temperature, corrosion, deformation, high strength, wear resistance, etc. characteristic.

Through food-grade safety inspection, there is no smell, for the health of the family, it is worthy of everyone.

High temperature resistance ≥180°, non-slip design, exquisite hand-painted patterns in 5 different colors, very suitable for beginners.

High strength, not easy to deform, easy to clean, can be washed in a dishwasher, and used in a high-temperature disinfection cabinet

It can not only be used as tableware, but also a convenient tool in the kitchen. It can be used to make high-temperature fried foods, blenders, etc. It is a very good tool for making gourmet food.


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